Count D from the manga "Pet Shop of Horrors"

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Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2007 at 3:18 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2007 at 1:54 PM - Adding Poly Count

Okay. This is my first upload in well over a year... maybe two.
I've been gone for quite a while.

I can't remember why I chose to create Count D as a sim. He's one of my favorite characters.. perhaps that's why.

(Some Manga scans... so people know what he looks like not as a Sim... ^^)

Everything you need to have him work in your game is available for download here. I made his hair mesh and clothing meshes myself.

Sadly, I was unable to give him his different coloured eyes. (Count D's Right eye is actually gold.. left eye is violet)... but no matter what I did (including making a small mesh to cover the eye as an accessory) nothing looked 100% perfect... so I quit that idea. The two violet eyes look okay at this point I guess. :/

The clothing mesh is complete with the fat morphs and stuff.
The Hair is available in teen and up. Because I mainly did the mesh for the Count, I never really bothered doing recolours (or grey hair for elder, seeing as D never really ages...) but having said this, that doesn't mean other people cannot do recolours. Please feel free. I encourage it, seeing as I probably won't bother doing any myself. ^^;

Another thing about the hair.. it DOES have animations, but only in Adult+. For some reason I was having tremendous trouble with the animations in teen version... I must have been doing something wrong... >_<
So teen version is stationary, but I still think it looks fine without animations, at least, I hope it does.

I created these packages with University installed, but I did not use University expansionpack content in my meshes. So I assume that he should work fine in just the base game.

If someone has a problem, let me know.
I hope he looks good in other people's games... he works okay in mine.. but now here is the REAL test.

I hope people like him. ^^

I'm going to make him more outfits a some point... (Formal/PJs/Swimwear/underwear/workout) AND I needed to create some long nails for him. But I thought... if I wait until all that's done, I may NEVER share him...

Also, JUST in case, I am including the Adult hair without animations here for DL, just in case there are any issues with the animations for other users. Better safe than sorry!
Only download one mesh (with or without animations), because the new mesh will override the previous one!

Poly Count for Hair Mesh: 1466
Poly Count for Clothing Mesh Morphmods included: 5940
Poly Count for Clothing Mesh on it's own: 1980

Custom Content by Me:
- Eclipse Count D Sim
- Full Amethyst ~Eclipse
- D Lashes ~Eclipse
- Red Shadow
- Soft Snow ~(D.Eclipse)
- Count D's Cut ~(D.Eclipse)
- Count D's Cut ~(D.Eclipse)
- Count D's Robe ~(D.Eclipse)
- MESH_EclipseCountDHair
- MESH_EclipseCountDhairTeen
- MESH_EclipseCountDRobe

Additional Credits:
Just a big thank you to everyone who posted such helpful tutorials at MTS2. ^^