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Shake the foundation!!! 8 damn cool rockin' shirts!

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Uploaded 8th Jun 2007 at 11:36 AM · Updated 9th Jun 2007 at 12:27 PM by ascarion : lousy english

Ya... hmmm... where to start? I guess u all mentioned that I love gothic in any way. Maybe it's because I grew up with the dark voice of Andrew Eldritch of Sisters Of Mercy, who feeded me his sinistre poetry like breastmilk.
However, tonite I decided to share with you my most beloved music, my favorite bands, again my kinda style. ("Normal" shirts u can get everywhere; mine are torn up, ripped, decorated... Mine are ME; and believe me, my mother quickly gave up to darn all the holes in my clothes! :D)

Where to start? Ya! Logically with "The Sisters", here together with "HIM" (I thought of u, "HIM666"!). His Infernal Majesty, Ville Valo, another great voice I really love. Join me in death...

Nick Cave, my soul's brother, the one who told me melancholy (and where the wild roses grow...), and "30 Seconds To Mars", a "new" band, which brought out damn good songs!

What shall I tell u bout "Evanescence"? Get back to your coffins and listen to the voice of an angel! Same to "Type0Negative". No, not with the voice, but with "drap four", that kind of feeling! (The slogan on the backside of the T0N-Shirt is fictitious; u'll never get such a shirt in a shop. Sorry!)

And last but not least, some strong men from the harder section. "Queensryche" is heaven and hell, Queensryche is voice and music beyond discrpition, Queensryche is more than adorable, and "Rammstein" is... ya, RAMMSTEIN! (This shirt is exspecially a "present" to u, "PersephoneRosenrot"!)

I guess, some more band-shirts will follow! Let's stay connected! :D

"Come here, I think you're beautiful, my door is opened wide - some kind of angel come inside..."
Have nice dark dreams!

Additional Credits:
Many, many thanxx to
SephirothScars for Vincent Valentine's hair:
Ren for elf-ears and earrings:
AtomicSpaceKitty for her triple chocker:
and a big hug to all the other artists who created those wonderful hairstyles! Many thanxx!