Newford: A Victorian Country House

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Here's a house for your Victorian Sims, based loosely on "The Breakers", a Newport mansion owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt in the late 1800s. The original Breakers burned down, which I hope doesn't bode ill for Newford. Be careful with those fireplaces!

It is furnished with Maxis-only stuff so unfortunately some necessary items like the smoke alarm and telephone are a bit out of place. Feel free to replace them with era-appropriate objects if you wish. (I recommend Maylin's 1910 phone and lethe_s's medieval fire alarm.)

Newford is rather large, so if your computer tends to choke on big lots, you might want to avoid this one. I left half of the second floor unfurnished to keep the house less costly and object-intensive, so you can think of it as an unused attic, or fill it up with whatever you wish.


I put the nursery next to the kitchen and bathroom for easy access to the fridge and toilet, but you could also convert it into a room for a live-in maid or butler. (Easy live-in maid/butler creation: make a Knowledge Sim and give them a Neatness of 10. Move them into your mansion and direct them to cook and clean all day -- they'll be happy as a lark!)

Also, the fridge, trash compactor, and juicer are in the Pantry; this is to keep the very modern appliances out of the way so the kitchen has a more authentic Victorian-era feel.

Have fun!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 215,737

Custom Content Included:
- Victorian classic colors collection 3 - Wall 1 by Marina
- Victorian classic colors collection 3 - Wall 2 by Marina
- Victorian classic colors collection 3 - Wall 3 by Marina
- Victorian classic colors collection 3 - Wall 4 by Marina