Have Dessert (Single) with Make/Make Many Option for Bakeries

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2007 at 11:17 AM
Updated: 11th Dec 2008 at 6:55 AM
**Updated 12 Jul 2007. I have corrected the language strings for the non-US users - there was some issue with them not saving in SimPe, but it's sorted out now. If your menus do not display correctly, then please download again. If you are not having issues there's no need to redownload**


**Updated June 26, 2007 - there was an error in the CheeseCake that I have fixed. Please delete the old versions & install the new ones. Sorry! I have also added an alternative version. You can only use one version of the same dessert - so, only one LayerCake, but you can decide if you want the desserts to always be available or available just at lunch & dinner"

Yes - it's finally true! No more making the full pie, clicking cancel so they don't serve it, no more telling them to get the 6 plates out of the pie then manually transferring it to their Inventory. Nope! Now you just do Make Many ... Berry Pie (or whatever) & your sims will procede to make single servings of Berry Pie until you tell them to stop & they all go into their inventory automatically.

You must have OFB installed to get the Make/Make Many options which is great for bakeries! Other configurations can use the "Have Dessert" option. Choose this option & your sim will make a single serving of the dessert you directed them to make. The food gets the fresh food sparkles & the option to put away leftovers, if there are any.

I have included Baked Alaska, Gelatin, Berry Pie, Layer Cake, Crepes, Cheesecake & the Santa Cookies. You need to have the appropriate EPs installed & the appropriate cooking skill level to get all of the options.

Baked Alaska - level 8 (Base game)
Cheesecake - level 7 (OfB)
Cake - level 6 (Base game)
Berry Pie - level 5 (OfB)
Crepes - level 4 (NL)
Santa Cookies - level 1 (Holiday pack)
Gelatin - no level required (Base game)

Please delete any previous versions of my single desserts, as well as the "Menu - Add Have Dessert" mod as it is no longer required.

Additional Credits:
Quaxi - for SimPE Squnge, Echo, Inge & Dizzy - for encouragement
MTS2 - for allowing me to post my creations