A recolor of the Seasons Startup Screen

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2007 at 9:44 PM
Updated: 14th Jun 2007 at 11:21 PM - ... am I stupid or what..
Now, first I'd like to say this will NOT enhance your gameplay, fill your wallet with cash nor it will kill all the cockroaches at your house.

It's simply a recolor of the startupscreen and the neighborhood manager logo. Nothing more.

The creepy part is, that you can't just put it into your downloads-folder. It has to be put here:

...\Seasons\TSData\Res\Locale\UK English\UI

As mine is:

D:\GAMES\EA\The Sims 2\Seasons\TSData\Res\Locale\UK English\UI

I don't know if you can just stick it into the folder of the language you use. If you happen to be a swede, you'd probably put it here:

...\Seasons\TSData\Res\Locale\Svenska(or Swedish)\UI

But please understand it's an image so it will be "seasons" even on a french game installation.

I'm pretty sure someone can make that downloads-folderable (or already has, - I haven't checked to be honest)..

It will not change the startup lines, just the images.

If you use it, please take a backup of the original ui.package in the folder.

My first tryout with SimPE, so really, backup the file. If you happen to have some sort of a ui.package in your downloads -folder, this still might work. Mine does.

Oh and please tell if it poops up your system.

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