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Nouk - 060607 Curl Hair - Curly Ponytail for ladies of all ages! **Dark Red Reuploaded!**

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2007 at 9:09 PM
Updated: 10th Dec 2010 at 4:56 PM
Nouk - 060607 Curl Hair - Curly Ponytail for ladies of all ages!
Your sim girls of all ages will enjoy this easy-going hair! They could wear it casually or formally. It bounces around like real soft curls should!

)))))Dark Red version uploaded with original file and seperately! Please redownload!(((((

Picture content
Outfits are from Stylistsims.

The sims will not be uploaded.

What should I know?
* 7 colors
* animated to bounce around
* binned
* all ages included

* Do not upload my mesh or recolors to a paysite.
* Do not use textures as a base for stuff you want to upload to a paysite.
* You can make any recolor and retexture you like and include the mesh, but link back and no paysites! I want my stuff and things derived from it to remain free for everyone.

All ages represented!

Make your sims pretty while they.... fondle eachothers breasts. *cough*

Polygon Counts:
The polygon count is pretty high. Do not use if your game is allready slow.
3665 vertices 4852 triangles

Additional Credits:
Wes_h for making this creation possible!
Hysterical Paroxysm for feedback and teaching me to spell her name correctly!
Kathy for making me see things regarding boobs. Like those sims. 0_o

Enjoy and remember, keep the Sims 2 Custom content free, share share share!