Chocolate Pudding with Crystal Dishes

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2007 at 3:26 AM
Updated: 12th Jul 2007 at 10:51 PM
**Updated 12 Jul 2007. I have corrected the language strings for the non-US users - there was some issue with them not saving in SimPe, but it's sorted out now. If your menus do not display correctly, then please download again. If you are not having issues there's no need to redownload**


Who can resist comforting chocolate pudding? Smooth, creamy & served up in new crystal dishes?

You need the CrystalBowls mesh below in order for the chocolate pudding to work. Others are allowed to use the crystal bowls for their own creations provided they link back to this post. The serving bowl has a total of 504 faces & 495 vertices (the same as the Maxis original) & the eating bowl has 240 faces with 311 verticies (less than the regular bowl)

Cooking level 2 is required to make the pudding. This is fully animated, the sims prepare the pudding, the food disappears from both the serving & the eating dishes & has the half-eaten stage.

Please note if you have OfB and want the "Call to Meal" option to be available you will need to download this additional mod because custom dishes do not automatically get the Call to Meal option.

What else can I say, except - enjoy!


Additional Credits:
Quaxi - for SimPE Squinge, Inge, Dizzy & Echo - for encouragement & confidence
Dr Pixel & Wes - for their endless patience with helping people solve meshing problems!