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ModTheClutter - Cash under Don's Bed and Buyable Garbage.

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2007 at 5:22 AM
Updated: 6th Oct 2007 at 4:56 AM
Hello simmers Thought I make this, I alwasy wanted stack of cash under my bed lol well I can! under my sims bed !

Download details: clutter 100 = Stack of Cash, Clutter 101 is single stack, Clutter 102 is Pile of Garbage extracted from Maxis.

Tips on making Stacks of same objects: maybe experience modder already know this but I am very happy I found out after one and a half day trying to map 18 stacks of cash, which I thought would be easy, because its just a cube.... Okay the tips

1) Make single stack
2) map/texture it. import into game like usual,
3) test in your game. if everything is good
4) Go back to wings 3D, duplicated the stack, stack them, Seperate all, then re-combine them into one object, Open Outliner window delete unwanted parts. don't delete the stack you;ve just created, hehehe.
5) no uv mapping require.
6) make another clone of your favourite object, import the new, now stacked object. use the same texture you've created for the single stack.
7) test in game.

Voila! Cash under your bed. I think I'll convert these stack of cash into stack of gold bars HEHEHEHEEH, I've always wanted stack of gold bars under my bed as well. :P

Ah, might as well, I extracted the pile of junk from Maxis game because someone was asking about it in a previous post, so i extracted it and make it buyable. For 1 simeleon you get the stack of cash, for 200 simeleon you'll get pile of junk

hope you like it, good health and happy simming.

where to find more cash:
stack of cash from fellow simmers this one has MoD and its a bigger pile!

Polygon Counts:
Mesh Detail for Stack of Cash - File name MxD NC Clutter 100 SimPE info:
Face Count = 1080, Vertex Count = 1368

UV Mapper Info:
Vertices = 576, Textures = 48, Normals = 576, Facets = 540, Groups = 1, Materials = 1, Regions = 0

Mesh Detail for Single Stack of Cash - File Name MxD NC Clutter 101 SimPE Info:
FaceCount = 60, Vertex Count = 76

UV Mapper Info:
Vertices = 36, Textures = 52, Normals = 36, Facets = 32, Groups = 1 Materials = 1 Regions = 0

Mesh Detail for Pile of Garbage - File name MxD NC Clutter 102 SimPE Info:
FaceCount = 772, VertexCount = 927

UVMapper Info:
Vertices = 927, Textures = 927, Normals = 927, Facets = 772, Groups = 1, Materials = 0, Regions = 0

Additional Credits:
Thank you very much to
MTS2 and its dedicated staffs
Programmers of Free Programs
Tutorials writers
Contributors to beta testing of programs.

Programs use to make this item: SimPE (Free) CEP (Free)
Wings 3D (Free)
UVMapper Classic (free)