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Asian Project - The Chinoiserie Set

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2007 at 11:40 PM
Updated: 29th Apr 2023 at 3:38 PM - New pictures

Asian Project - The Chinoiserie Set

Hi there! You're having a good summer?? This was my 2nd upload here.
Many amazing new pictures! Now all the walls are visible. It was looong due.
The Black wallpaper with White Wood borders was not available separately - now it is! ^^
My Alfred Hitchcock Sketch wallhanging (as seen on the pictures) is from a discontinued set of mine, so I joined it. ^^

This is a collection of 43 walls and 4 floors, an Asian theme.

11 painted walls,
17 wallpapers,
15 panels,
4 carpets.

If you download all 3 collections (Medallion, Samarkand and this one), you'll end up with 22 new floors and 104 new walls.

The set has a collection file. So you won't have to browse your 100,000 custom walls/floors to find them.
It's in the zip containing the entire set. If you download just a few of them, perhaps you don't need this. But if you get all 47 files? oh yeah.

Everything was tested in-game and all seams are nearly invisible, except for several-story walls.

Some of my plain walls might look a little like Maxis' but aren't. They're of specific colors and were really made to match exactly my decorative walls. For example, my "white" plain wall isn't exactly 100% white.

I really hope you'll like this set. I do. Please click the "Thank you" button for my hard work (I was a noob when I uploaded this)!

Ciao ! xx

Additional Credits:
Textures taken in 2007 from : ~York Wall Coverings~
They had real-life wallpaper with this design, in green and in white. I made the black texture by inverting the white one in Photoshop. And sadly, no, they don't sell these beautiful wallpapers anymore. It's been a while!
I used Maxis wall borders and frames for this set.

Also, for the new pictures, I extensively used all the OMSP's available on MTS! ^^