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Bail Organa's Ep III outfit

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2007 at 10:41 PM
Hello there *wink*

As usual I've had these items on my computer but could only now upload them because my not-so-great printscreen key didn't work...

So this time it's something for the MEN!!

Bail Organa's nice outfit from the third episode... And that of his assistant that has minor differences... (slightly different collar, smooth arm...metal-sleeves?! it's also a littler darker and more blue.... But these changes are really subtle... I think.....)

Of course it's for adults... Bail's Outfit is only to be found under formal... That of his assistant is also categorized as athletic...
You don't need a mesh for the outfit to show up!

You do need a mesh for the cape....

I included several pictures.... I hope you can see everything you'd like to see...

In one zip file are both outfits.... In the other zip file labelled bail_cape is only the cape...

I hope you like it

Additional Credits:
The lovely female sim was made by Aymo87
And the dress was made by me