4-keyholder and gender choice door patch

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2007 at 3:34 PM
Updated: 1st Sep 2008 at 1:10 PM
This adds a menu to every normal door that gives it 4 keyholder settings. You can still use the doors in the normal way, lock to "me only" "no sims" "me and employees" etc etc. If you only want one person to use the door, just use the normal "lock/me only" Maxis option

The keyholder settings will operate only when you have the door in the "lock/me only" state. If you set to any other type of locking, or unlock, the keyholders will be ignored but they will remain set ready for when you choose "lock/me" again.

To assign permanent keys, go into the Keys sub-menu and assign one or more keys from the menu of families. In total you can have 5 sims able to use the door in lock/me mode - the sim you had selected when you chose "lock/me" PLUS the four keyholders. If you only want the named keyholders to be able to use the door, ensure you use one of them to lock the door.

The gender lock on the other hand applies as an override during all locked or unlocked states. If you have two male and two female keyholders, and you set the door to "males only", then the two female keyholders cannot use it. If it's not locked by the Maxis settings at all, it will act as a normal restroom door for the gender you chose.

Use ijAddGender4KeyLock_Seasons.zip if Seasons is your latest main EP, or ijAddGender4KeyLock_BV.zip if you have Bon Voyage or Freetime, or ijAddGender4KeyLock_AL.zip if you have Apartment Life. Please note that due to specific Maxis coding, Keyholder and Gender menus don't show up on hotel room doors or apartment frontdoors, and the locking menu does not show up on normal doors in hotels, though you can assign them to gender.

17th October
The problem that seemed to have been fixed in Pets or Seasons has become unfixed in Bon Voyage. Sims can once again see and obsess over objects they can't get to behind locked doors. Therefore I have reissued my supplementary fix in a Bon Voyage version. ijNoSetUnlockedPatchBV.zip