China's Four Great Beauties - Xi Shi

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(L-R: Xi Shi, Diao Chan, Wang Zhaojun, & Yang Yuhuan)

Xi Shi, who was born in Zhuluo Village, of Zhuji (now Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province), the capital of ancient Yue State during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), has widely been considered the most beautiful of ancient China's "four beauties" ((Xi Shi, Diao Chan, Wang Zhaojun, & Yang Yuhuan)).It has been said Xi, while washing veil, caused the fish to sink to the bottom of the river, because they were so enchanted by her beauty.

Around that time, the State of Yue was defeated by the State of Wu, whose king was Fu Chai. Gou Jian, king of Yue, was imprisoned for three years, and Yue was annexed by Wu. To get his revenge, Gou took the advice of Wen Zhong, one of his ministers, and selected beautiful women to offer to Fu. Fan Li, another minister of Yue State, eventually offered Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, another beauty, to Fu.

Enchanted by the beauty of both Xi and Zheng, Fu paid less attention to state affairs, and he became less interested in what his ministers had to say. He even ordered the death of his top general, Wu Zixu, at the urging of the beautiful women. The power of Wu State weakened gradually, and Fu was eventually conquered by Yue's army. After the defeat, Fu committed suicide.

According to legend, Xi Shi then lived with Fan Li, who had quit his post after Fu's fall. Nobody saw Xi or Fan again.

(Credit: Women of China)

Xi Shi's Hair -NEEDS MESHES!
Used with permission from Rose (THANK YOU!). You will need to download her mesh here (the 1st hair). You will also need Ciboulettebis' bangs mesh from here.

Xi Shi's Dress -NEEDS MESH!
A beautiful Imperial Concubine dress from the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). Made by me, using Shannara's wonderful mesh, which you can download here (""). If you would like recolors, PM me. Thanks!

Xi Shi's Skintone
Made by vicvic616, originally for her Zhang Ziyi sims. I have tried PMing vicvic616 to see if I may use it, but it seems that their "stored private messages" quota has been maxed. I also tried e-mailing, but it says that vicvic616 does not receive e-mails. I have used the skintone on previously uploaded Sims without any problems. Vicvic616, if you do want me using your skintone, please send me a PM or e-mail and I will remove it ASAP. Thank you.

Custom Content by Me:
- Xi Shi Sim
- Xi Shi Dress

Custom Content Included:
- Eyebrows by Helaene
- Eyes by Enayla
- Blush by SussisSoGoodSims
- Eyeshadow by Barcelonista
- Lips by Helaene
- Bangs by Emino
- Earrings by Ren
- Skintone by vicvic616
- Hair by Rose

Additional Credits:
Mandarin Touch