Excessum Undique - Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick - By Zombie Jill

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2007 at 11:38 PM
Hiya! ^^; I really have fun making this for you guys... ^^ So, today, I'm bring you a new gothy set of make up, called Excessum Undique. ^^ This lovely set features eye make-up in 10 shades, an eyeliner, and three shades of lipstick.

The Eyeshadow comes in ten colorful shades. These were created using textures from Louis/Ren. The color extends from the temple, over the eyes, across the nose, and over to the other temple.

Not much to say about the eyeliner... Moonie's wearing it here. It's black, and smokey, especially around the outer edges of the eyes. There's eyelashes on it, and is very dramatic.

The lipstick is kinda cool, in my opinion. The textures are from my Excessum Nusquam makeup set, just with a different alpha. They come in Black, Blood, and Red.

Here's the colors the items are available in...

Lips: Red, Blood, Black.
Eyes: Blood, Moss, Emerald, Teal, Sea Foam, Purple, Navy, Deep Pink, Rust, Clay.

Thank you! ^_^ Please, enjoy! If you like this, leave me comments and thanks! ^^- Happy Simming!

Model Credits
On Jill....
Eyes are my Emotion Eyes by me. Hairstyles by Louis and Nouk. Skintone by Enayla. I believe it's Pixie Kisses.

On Moon Eye...
(Available for Download Here
Eyes are exclusive with his full-sim download. Hair is from my As'ler upload. Skintone is by Enayla, it's Pixie Dusk.

On Amelia...
Eyes by me, unreleased. Skintone's by Enayla, and it's either Chocolate or Game, can't remember. Hair by Rose.