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Kanto Pokemon Trainer Career- What to do After you finish the Pokemon Major

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2007 at 10:22 PM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2011 at 6:58 PM by whiterider
This Pokemon career is based on Kanto's eight gyms.

Description: Battle all eight gyms in a region for right to face the Elite Four! Do you have what it takes to be the Pokemon Champion?

Pokemon Rookie
You've just got your starter Pokemon! Sure...you really don't know much about Pokemon quite yet, but you're knowledge as a trainer will grow as you travel!

Pokemon Trainer w/ 1 Badge
You've beaten Brock and are on your way to victory! (Well, gee, he only has TWO pokemon.) Still, you've showed your strength and happily advance to your next gym!

Pokemon Trainer w/ 2 Badges
Your hard work has paid off, you've beaten Misty! Now you're 2 badges closer to reaching the Pokemon Leauge!

Pokemon Trainer w/ 3 Badges
Feel the surge of energy? Why you've beaten Lt. Surge! Not to mention your Pokemon must really love you by now!

Pokemon Trainer w/ 4 Badges
Rainbows light up the sky as you flash your Rainbow badge! You must be good to reach Celadon City's pretty and powerful gym leader, Erika.

Pokemon Trainer w/ 5 Badges
Pretty in pink, Fuchsia City's gym was no problem! Plus, now that you can use the HM surf you can catch the missing no. you always dreamed of.

Pokemon Trainer w/ 6 Badges
Can you feel the eerie physic power of Sabrina's gym? Or more so the eerie darkness of your Pokemon! You're doing good to have you're 6th badge!

Pokemon Trainer w/ 7 Badges
Something's stirring on Cinibar Island and it's not Missing No....
It's an epic battle, that you win against Blaine! Now, you're more close than ever!

Pokemon Trainer w/ 8 Badges
You're back to Viridian Trainer School, but you're not here to study...
Giovanni re-opens his gym and the battle of all time begins! Who wins? Duh, you do!

Pokemon Champion
There's not a Sim in the world who doesn't know who you are! You've battled it out, and it seems that you are the best they got! You're just so oooohhhh unbeatable!

This does not overwrite other careers, and is EP ready!
BUT, if something seems wrong contact me! (IE: Chance cards seem wrong, sims won't go to work, etc.)
This is my very first career, and as always enjoy!

Additional Credits:
BIG thanks to SimPE and Nintendo, 'cuz without them this wouldn't happen!