Ashley Cataline Dresser/surface set w/ 11 recolors)

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Its finally here!

(Mirror NOT included-- please see my Ashley Cataline Mirror thread for that)

This is an approximation of my real dresser that is part of the Ashley Cataline Onyx furniture set. In addition to being a functioning 3 tile wide dresser, it also serves as a surface to place items on. Decorative items such as table lamps, small statues, plants, and even mail and newspapers can be placed on it.

It took me over a year to complete this. Granted I took time off to work on other things and quite a few real life issues interfered. During an internet outage I was very bored and suddenly had a breakthrough that enabled me to finish. Back before OFB and Pets, I decided that I wanted to make a dresser that doubles as a surface. I spent a lot of time going over tutorials and resources on footprints, slots, object placement, object creation, and all sorts of things. I also spent a lot of time in the create and help chats getting advice, information, guidance, and moral support.

My initial problem was with the footprint and clickable area. Echo and many others who posted in the thread on that guided me through the process so that I could manually define the footprint to keep sims from walking through my object. Fisheye, Atavera, Numenor, and others (sorry that I can't remember your names as I'm writing this) provided information that made it possible to add container slots to my dresser (allowing objects to be placed on the surface). Tiggerypum, HystericalParoxysm, Wes_h, Numenor, and Atavera helped with Milkshape, bounding mesh, and plugins. I learned to turn smooth groups off, make sure the bone weights were all 100%, and import the .5gd file rather than the .obj to get the bounding mesh and joints to work properly.

Frazzmesiter made it possible for me to reinstall my game after my computer's registry got wiped so without her I wouldn't have been able to continue working on the objects.

I ran into a snag with the way the Sims were interacting with the dresser. JohnB, JasanaBugbreeder, Stormwench, Wes_h, cokenasmile, and pretty much everyone at the create chat helped me with trying different methods to fix the problem. Ultimately it came down to the game thinking that my routing slots that I'd intended to be for the Sims interacting with objects placed on the surfaces were the parameters for where the Sims were supposed to interact with each tile of the dresser. By eliminating all but the 3 north routing slots for each tile and adjusting the x positions in the cres I got the Sims to stand in the correct position to interact with the dresser no matter where I click on the dresser to tell them to interact. This breakthrough allowed me to complete the armoire as well.

Tested with Pets and Seasons expansions but not with basegame nor the prior expansions on their own.

Known issues: Sims reach too high when opening and closing the drawer. This is an issue with the animation. We tried changing to a different game animation (a later expansion has an animation for opening the drawer on a child's dresser-- I think it has a space theme) but it didn't work. It just kept crashing. So until I learn how to do the animations myself (or figure out how to extract the animation and put it in), this one will have to do for the time being. When Sims interact with the mirror that comes seperately (ie. gussying up) they step into the dresser. That is because of the routing settings for the mirror. I'm not sure how to change it so they stand the proper distance when the mirror is with this dresser. If you know how to fix it, please tell me. Sims do not seem to autonomously place newspapers or mail on the dresser. Instead they seem to put it on the floor. I don't know enough about what would make them want to do this so I haven't messed with it. However if a newspaper is on the dresser, Sims will pick it up and interact with it.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this object. Feedback is appreciated. This includes reports of any bugs or suggestions on how to improve the object.

Recolor policy: I would love to see recolors of this but would really appreciate a note letting me know so that I can download the recolors to put in my game. Please do not upload my mesh to another site without permission. Under no circumstances are recolors of this to be uploaded to the pay section of a paysite.

This shows how the dresser looks when decorated with maxis items and with the mirror I made to go with it. It also has mini-images of recolors. They pretty much look like the end tables I made previously. The lapis gold, lapis silver, malachite gold, and malachite silver .rar files contain two packages each. The ones labelled with a 2 after them have black trim instead of the colored trim (you can see this on the end tables)

The second thumbnail is a side view of an adult Sim opening the drawer. You can see the wood texture of the drawer, and where the Sim stands in relation to the dresser (it was too large to paste full size here because I have a widescreen monitor with resolution set at 1600 x 1200)

This third thumbnail shows the open drawer which lets you see the clothes inside. (it was also too large and thus the full-size was removed from this spot in the thread)

su_ashcatdresserMESH4.6 -> Mesh file textured as onyx with gold accents

su_ashcatdresseronyxsilver -> onyx with silver accents

su_ashcatdresserqrtzgold1 -> marbled quartz with gold accents

su_ashcatdresserlapisgld -> 2 files within. 1 lapis with gold trim. 2 lapis with gold trim & black accents

su_ashcatdresserlapissilv -> 2 files within. 1 lapis with silver trim. 2 lapis with silver trim & black accents

su_ashcatdressermalcgld -> 2 files within. 1 malachite with gold trim. 2 malachite with gold trim & black accents

su_ashcatdressermalcsilv -> 2 files within. 1 malachite with silver trim. 2 malachite with silver trim & black accents

su_ashcatdresserwoodgld1 -> wood with gold accents

Dressers_all -> all files combined because QX is not working at the moment

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Anna, Atavera, Cliff, cokenasmile, Delphy, djones, Echo, frazzmeister, Fresh-Prince, French Sim, GoldenSimmer, Hysterical Paroxysm, IgnorantBliss, JasanaBugbreeder, JohnBrehaut, Jon, Lady Darkfire, Lethe, LyricLee, missangelica, MissHollyBee, Numenor, Nurrah, Pfoenix, Sansui, simaddict99, sim_man123, SirEmino, Starbuck, Stormwench, teh_moth, teknofil, tiggerypum, whiterider, windkeeper, zicon and everyone I chatted with who gave me moral support. To anyone whom I left of the list or misspelled the name of, my apologies.

Also thanks to my brother for hovering over me and telling me to upload faster and referring to himself as deuchey mcdeuchebag-- as he is hovering over me right now....