Female Adult "Untuckables" - Shirts and Skirts

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Uploaded 31st Jul 2007 at 9:25 PM

Hi all

I just love all 'untuckable' series, all downloaded clothing in my game is untuckable. Just like all my RL clothes.
I've searched for some nice skirts, but, unfortunately, I couldn't find much - or even any.
So I just made them myself, by alpha-editing 6 Maxis base-game skirts.
I also made some striped, V-neck shirts to go with them, and I think it looks pretty cute. There're just perfect for business-woman who come home after a long day filled with work and want to switch their blazers and blouses for an easy, comfy t-shirt. And because it's still summer, I removed all panty hoses and added open-nosed shoes on the skirts

I made the shirt in 6 colors, it's handpainted in photoshop [not very special, though] and it requires HystericalParoxysm's awesome mesh which can be found here.
The skirt goes with a maxis base-game mesh, so no extra mesh download needed.

Inside the files:
001 = Beige
002 = Blue
003 = Grey
004 = Jeans
005 = Green
006 = Stripes

001 = Red
002 = Pink
003 = Blue
004 = Green
005 = Yellow
006 = Orange

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Fanseelamb, for starting the whole "untuckable" thing
Thanks to HystericalParoxysm for the mesh of the untucked top

I hope you like what I've made, and happy Simming :D

Xx Nihilia