Ashley Cataline Armoire/surface with 11 Recolors

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2007 at 9:16 AM
Updated: 21st Nov 2008 at 2:23 PM by -Maylin-
This is an approximation of the armoire that I have in my room that is part of the Ashley Cataline furniture set. I took what I learned from making the dresser to make this one, so the credits that apply to the dresser apply to this one.
It is 2 tiles wide and has 2 container slots on the top to hold objects. I completely forgot to take screencaps of objects resting on top of it.
Onyx is black, lapis is blue with black marbled, malachite is green with black marbled, quartz is white with various light colors marbled.

If you have any recolor requests please let me know.

Recolor/Distribution policy: I encourage people to make their own recolors if they wish. I would love to see them. I would prefer it if you do not upload the mesh without asking me first. Please do not upload recolors to paysites as I would not be able to download them and that would suck for me. You may upload these with your lots if you so choose, but please let me know because I would love to see how they are used.

In a way it looks very similar to my end tables

su_ashcatarmoireMESH7.rar -> the mesh and the main color which is onyx with gold accents

su_ashcatarmoirelapisgld1&2.rar -> 1 is lapis with gold accents, 2 is lapis with black trim and gold accents

su_ashcatarmoirelapissilv1&2.rar -> 1 is lapis with silver accents, 2 is lapis with black trim and silver accents

su_ashcatarmoiremalcgld1&2.rar -> 1 is malachite with gold accents, 2 is malachite with black trim and gold accents

su_ashcatarmoiremalcsilv1&2.rar -> 1 is malachite with silver accents, 2 is malachite with black trim and silver accents

su_ashcatarmoireqrtzgld1.rar -> marbled quartz-like texture with gold accents

su_ashcatarmoirewoodgld1.rar -> custom orangey wood texture with gold accents

Armoire_all.rar -> All of the packages in one (since QX is currently down)

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Anna, Atavera, Cliff, cokenasmile, Delphy, djones, Echo, frazzmeister, Fresh-Prince, French Sim, GoldenSimmer, Hysterical Paroxysm, IgnorantBliss, JasanaBugbreeder, JohnBrehaut, Jon, Lady Darkfire, Lethe, LyricLee, missangelica, MissHollyBee, Numenor, Nurrah, Pfoenix, Sansui, simaddict99, sim_man123, SirEmino, Starbuck, Stormwench, teh_moth, teknofil, tiggerypum, whiterider, windkeeper, zicon and everyone I chatted with who gave me moral support. To anyone whom I left of the list or misspelled the name of, my apologies.