Set of 19 more untuckables for the teen girl

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Uploaded: 6th Aug 2007 at 8:26 PM
Updated: 9th Oct 2008 at 2:41 AM by CatOfEvilGenius
Attention: Please re-download the pants mesh. It's been updated to work with all clothing.

A new pants mesh for your teens and more recolors of the shirt! The pants are a bit wider, and have a different shoe type. Gotta love those chucks that came with H&M.

Along with the normal, thin mesh, there is also a fat mesh along with it. It's not previewed, but it works just the same.

The shirt texture is of my own making, and yes, I did model it after Fanseelamb's texture, but it isn't the same. The same with the pant textures, as in they are all Maxis with some tweaking by me.

Please don't forget to get the mesh for the shirt here! It's not included.

You can use the shirt texture if you wish for your own creations. All I ask is that you credit and link back to this post. A little note here on in a PM would be wonderful so I can see what you've created. You may also upload with your sims to any free site, but not the exchange.

Recolors are welcomed and encouraged! You may upload the mesh with your recolors, but please, still link back here. And also, please no uploading to paysites or The Exchange.

I hope you enjoy, and again, please do not upload to the exchange or to paysites. Both are evil.

Additional Credits:
Fanseelamb: For starting the whole Untucked trend. And also for the texture for the longer sleeved shirt.
Everyone who's ever made a meshing tutorial. You've all been helpful.

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732, 512