New Hair - FEZ! Testers wanted!

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2007 at 11:41 PM

My husband looked over my shoulder when I was working on my bowler hat hair and said: "You should make a fez".

This is the only time in three years that he has showed even the slightest interest in The Sims 2 and my CC creating, and I was so shocked that I immediately took his advice and started working on a fez for our male sims.

I don't know if there's a similar hairstyle or accessory available out there - I should have checked before I started working I guess, but oh well...

I made this into a hairstyle instead of an accessory. I figured an accessory would clash with more hairstyles than it would go along with and since there still seems to be problems with "flashing blue" accessories around, this was the way to go.

This hair is available for elders, adults, teens and children (no YA's - sorry! I don't have University). Four colours plus grey for elders. Binned.

There may be some clipping issues with sims with VERY wide foreheads. I tried my best to avoid this and I think it will be rare.

Recolours are welcome (I was lazy and re-used Maxis hair textures). You can post your recolours on any 100% FREE site. The mesh may be included as well. Mesh and recolours (mine or your own) may be included with your sims on 100% free sites. A link to my site would be appreciated.

Hope you'll have fun with this hair!

Polygon Counts:
This is a very low-poly hairmesh (= good!)

Adult: Poly 428 - Vertice 353
Teen: Poly 426 - Vertice 353
Child: Poly 424 - Vertice 352

Additional Credits:
Dr Pixel, Tiggerypum, HP, Wes_H, Deamon, Theo, SimPE Made with Milkshape 1.8.1b