NBA LA Lakers Basketball Jersey

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2007 at 3:40 PM
This is the official Sims LA Lakers home jersey. It is a recolor of the Maxis jersey and shorts, for young adults.

I couldn't sucessfully get rid of the necklace/chain, so if anyone knows how just send me a message.

Also, the shorts aren't exactly like the ones the Lakers players wear, but it isn't really that noticable.

I am not very advanced in making Sim clothes, so if anyone can make this custom content for all ages and genders please let me know. (I don't yet know how to do this).

If anyone makes any recolors let me know (so I can download them), I will also accept any requests for other teams.

I am going to make Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets and Pheonix Suns jerseys next.

Enjoy your new jersey =D