s t a m p e d .} 3 obscure facial tattoos

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2007 at 7:55 PM
Here are three peculiar "facial tattoos" for your sims. There is a swirl, a handprint, and a spider. Haha.
No, they are not made from brushes. Google images, actually. XDD
They are for all ages and are actually layerable blushes, meaning they can be paired with other blushes. You can even have two of them on your sims' face at once! Haha.

All are previewed on the first Maxis facial template. Their looks will vary slightly depending on a sim's facial structure.

Do not use my textures or alphas. I worked hard on these, as simple as they look.

Feel free to upload with sims at Mod or other free sites, just give me credit, and I'd love if you could tell me as well. ^_^