University Town Center with EVERYTHING your Sims Could Need In a Community Lot

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When I play my game and send my college students to a lot, I hate having to jump around from lot to lot because they want to go out to eat, buy clothes, need groceries, need to workout, and so on……I was also tired of the “mall” style lots too, so I thought I would create a large lot with different stores, library, gym, bowling alley, theater, arcade, park, dance club, restaurant with sports bar, and coffee shop. All with their own building, with a few exceptions.

Now to break it down-
There is a small Grocery Store, Game & Magazine Shop, and Clothing Boutique to the right side of the lot.

The Park to the left of the lot has a swing for your sims to enjoy, grill for cooking out, as well as a stage so your sims can put on a Concert in the Park!
The Restaurant next to the park has plenty of sitting for your sims, along with a Sports Bar on the 2nd Floor where your sims can catch the latest game. The Coffee Shop is attached to the restaurant as well, where your sims can enjoy a nice cup of joe and chat with a friend.

To the Right of the lot is the Library with its 3 stories. The 1st Floor has a small Lounge where your sims can relax with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate after a long studying session on the 2nd floor. The study center on the next floor has plenty of desks and computers for your sim to catch up on homework or start on that dreaded term paper. Moving up to the 3rd floor, you can sit in a nice comfy chair while you grab a book to read or study with a partner. The rooftop is available for watching the stars or just enjoying the view if the town.
The Theater, which is at the center back of the lot, has a nicely sized theater screen for your sims to enjoy. There is also a theater lounge with a help yourself snack area to grab a quick bit to eat when they can’t afford the restaurant. Upstairs in the Theater is a large Arcade for your sims to have a friendly game of pool or bring that fun level back up with some classic pinball.

To the Right of the Theater is the Gym with its outdoor pool. There is plenty of workout equipment on the first level of the gym for sims to get into shape. When they are sweaty from a hard workout, they can grab a shower and gussy up in the women’s or men’s locker rooms. When they are cooled off from a cool shower, grab and cup of espresso at the coffee bar and relax on the couch.
Between the Gym and the Clothing Boutique is a Bowling Ally that your sims will be sure to enjoy. And when they are tired of bowling, they can head upstairs, to the club to dance the night away or grab and drink at the bar and relax on the sofa.

I have sent my sims there several times to test so hope it will run fine for you too.

Hope you like it and find it useful. Of course this can be used anywhere whether it be the college or the regular neighborhood, but I am working on one that is more family oriented as well.
Thanks for looking!!

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Custom Content Included:
- ionçBatchMP01 by MaxoidMonkey
- Theater Screen by senesi2003

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MTS2, Thank you!!!

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