Fionia Feline

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Uploaded: 11th Sep 2007 at 2:44 AM
Updated: 16th Sep 2007 at 2:10 AM - I messed up and me so stupid
This is what i think cats would look like if they evolved into humans. They would be a race of human with an acute sense of smell,extreme balancing skills, slender and beautiful, and of course vain, self centered, and conceited.
I thought that Fionia Feline would be a good name for one and she is wearing an AeonFlux outfit which i think would be a cool out fit for a cat person. She is packaged in the pixie hair cut and OFB is required for that but she still has the aeon flux outfit.
Required Meshes and Links to them
Golden Grace Elf ears
Custom Content by Me:
- Fionia Feline
- Hannahkittie kittyeyes
- HannahKittie kittyface
- Hannahkitties skin recolor of Enaylas golden grace

Custom Content Included:
- PixieGold ears by KatieKirby
- ShadyLady482's Long Nails: Black (round) by shadylady482
- SaraC tail by saracentner
- Aeon flux outfit by Barcelonista
-Vampire teeth by generalzoi
Additional Credits:
The long shaggy hair in the pic which i think looks the
best on her is made by
Myos and heres the link to it.

The gypsy bathing suit which took i pic of so that you can see her spots is made by
Antibusdeath and heres a link for that if you want
the whole collection of gypsy out fits
This is my first sim so dont hurt meh feelings if you don't like. Please enjoy!