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Liberated Plastic Flowers (Maxis Flowers Minus Bases, Made Decorative!)

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Uploaded: 14th Sep 2007 at 1:37 PM
Updated: 21st Sep 2007 at 10:59 AM
So I've been, um, building recently, and I find myself at a bit of a loss to find plants that I want to use. I'm also annoyed every time I look at the Maxis plants, because I never have such stodgy, structured flowerbeds around my sims' homes.

So I decided to make use of the Maxis flowers and remove the bases. I'd seen something similar done with the daisies somewhere before but I don't think it was repository textured, and I wanted the other flowers and half tiles too, so I went and did 'em all.

Four Types: I "liberated" each of the four Maxis "flowers" from their bases so they can be used on any ground cover you like, to create whatever type of bed you want... The poppies, the tulips, the daisies, and the cactuses*. Each type comes in the regular full-tile version as well as a diagonal half-tile version (just as the original flowers do) so you can still put these in beds if you want... or just mix and match the two types to make things look a little more irregular and natural in a field.

Repository/Slave Textured: This means that all of my flowers will use the colours you have for the Maxis flowers. Any recolours you have downloaded for the original Maxis flowers will also work for my flowers. Neat, huh? Thanks go to IgnorantBliss for her great tutorial on using Maxis textures!

Plastic/Decorative Only! I run a pretty busy produce garden in Seasons, so my sims don't have time to tend flowers. These no-maintenance flowers are, well, only decorative. They don't have to be watered (and indeed can't be, nor can they be interacted with in any way). They will not draw butterflies/bees like normal flowers. They are cloned from Echo's Welcome Mat (1x1 rug) to make them decorative and also walk-through-able. Many thanks to Echo for her original rugs, and her generous cloning policy.

UPDATED: You will now find these recategorized under Build Mode, with the original plants. This is a more logical place for them as you would tend to use them outside, regardless of their purely decorative function. Please re-download if you would like them recategorized.

They all cost 5 simoleons apiece so they're quite affordable.

Of course you're welcome to include these in your lots for upload, as long as I can have a little link and credit in the description somewhere for it. Enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
Cactuses: 1156 polygons, 1174 vertices.
Cactuses - Half Tile: 700 polygons, 708 vertices.
Daisies: 1011 polygons, 2313 vertices.
Daisies - Half Tile: 591 polygons, 1353 vertices.
Pansies: 1011 polygons, 2313 vertices.
Pansies - Half Tile: 591 polygons, 1353 vertices.
Poppies: 1011 polygons, 2313 vertices.
Poppies - Half Tile: 591 polygons, 1353 vertices.
Tulips: 1076 polygons, 1013 vertices.
Tulips - Half Tile: 658 polygons, 622 vertices.

All of the above counts are lower than the Maxis originals (as I removed all the solid bases). However, they are still high enough that you should be aware of it before you go throwing a solid ground cover of daisies across a huge lot. They're meant to be used one per tile originally - if you jumble them up, try to do it sparingly. Shouldn't be a problem, just don't go too crazy.

* Yes, it is cactuses. The original root word is from Greek, so it's not pluralized with an i. For that matter, it's octopuses, not octopi, too - for the same reason.