OLD SIMS2 // By Request: Inebriant 34c SexyBum Heeled Sandals v2 Set (UPDATED 20/9/07)

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2007 at 6:21 PM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2009 at 7:00 AM
Inebriant 34c SexyBum Heeled Sandals v2 Set
for Young Adult, Adult & Elder Females

UPDATED 20/9/07:
Please redownload this file if you downloaded it before this date.

I fixed a few problems in the textures. Though you may not have noticed unless you really looked at it...it sur was bugging me so im glad i did it! lol! I also renamed & indexed all of the packages for better identification & categorization both on your harddrive & in game!

Note that this will not replace the old version...you need to delete it manually! Search for Alpha Sandal Heels v1 and delete the 8 textures with this name, plus the mesh that goes with them. Then add the new files that are now available for download in their place!

If you have not downloaded before now the above does not apply to you!

As requested by xJasminx, a fellow member of SexySims2.com, here is a different version of my recent Inebriant 34c SexyBum Nude Stilettos v3 Mesh!

xJasminx's original request consisted only of a different pair of heels, something with platforms....having accepted her request i needed to make a Texture or something to go along with it! So here you have 8 different sexy Underwear/Swimsuit versions for your pleasure! (Note that these are available for all clothing types...NOT only for undies & bathing suits)

Be my guest & recolor any of my work if you wish......however id like to linked to on your upload. I would also appreciate it if you private message me once your done so that i can see your work! Thanks!

Anyways...thats all i can think of for now! So, hope you enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
Body: 2274 Faces // 1450 Verticies
Heels: 1534 Faces // 758 Verticies