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-Better Suits for your Beaches- Default Replacements for Children's Swimsuits

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2007 at 2:26 AM
Updated: 10th Sep 2008 at 12:43 AM
Update: I didn't like having two tropical decals on the front of the suit, so I've removed the lower one. The pictures reflect this change. I've also uploaded a version that is decal free, but you don't get pictures of that because I'm lazy. Neither of these will overwrite the old version, as I've changed my file naming system. Only one version can be used at a time. - March 14, 2008

With Bon Voyage out, I'm sure your little simmies are hitting the beaches a lot more, and wearing their swimsuits more as well! Why not actually use all 6 of the Maxis suits for girls and the 4 for boys? In my opinion, the tropical suits were terrible, and that hodge-podge stained glass thing for boys was no better. I've redone the cut of the girls suit (why there wasn't a one piece to begin with is beyond me) and made the swim trunks black and white (totally retro looking!) Just to clarify, you do not need ANY expansion packs for this or any of my other default replacements to work. If you missed the men's (ugly) two-tone swim trunk fix or the women's ones, get that here and here!

These are DEFAULT REPLACEMENTS, meaning, when you place them in your downloads folder, they will act as Maxis clothing, completely replacing their counterparts. This includes sims currently wearing them. If you want to remove mine and return to the maxis versions, just delete my package from your downloads folder. Btw, if you want your clothing catalog images to reflect these changes, delete your thumbnails folder: C:\Documents and Settings\(yourname)\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Thumbnails. The game will generate new ones. If you want not default versions, check out this thread of mine.

Have some pics:

BTW, I've got more default replacements, check them out here !


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Additional Credits:
To Freya and King (my models). Freya was a little less annoyed that this time it was swimsuits instead of underwear, but in her opinion it wasn't much better. I really need to make her some dresses to model....