Sophie Lane, a sweet young lady

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2007 at 8:42 PM
Updated: 27th Sep 2007 at 3:26 AM - spelling and clarification
Howdy! Today, I bring you my first sim, Sophie Lane. I've been meaning to upload a sim sometime or other, and I originally wanted her to be part of a group, but the other sims need work. Ok, getting to the story here....

Sophie grew up in a stable family, two parent household, the whole nine yards. After graduating at one of the top of her class, she went to the State University (no, I'm not naming the university) and was shocked. She met people who had completely different experiences than her, people who had little money, and whose parents had never went to college, people of different racial backgrounds, etc.

I've packaged her as an adult so that people without university can play her as well. I play her as a family sim, Pisces (she's just that sweet)....

1. use her in modeling contests. That's bad karma, m'kay?
2. upload her to the exchange.
3. claim her as your own.

1. use her in stories and pictures. I don't mind if you don't credit me (but I'd really like it...) but PM so I can see! I want to see!
2. have fun with her.

I've included everything needed for Sophie except the meshes. YOU HAVE TO GET THE MESHES IN ORDER FOR HER HAIR AND OUTFIT TO SHOW UP IN YOUR GAME!!!

For her outfit:
Click on MESH_AF_T_UntuckableTop.rar and MESH_AF_B_SlouchypantsBoots.rar

For her hair:
Click on Nouk - 060607CurlHair - Mesh and Colors.rar

Hopefully I can get to uploading her boyfriend/future husband soon. He'll be fully breedable with her. Happy simming, thanks, and 'gig em!

Custom Content by Me:
- Sophie Lane

Custom Content Included:
- Rensim - Madness Brows - Taupe by Rensim
- \ .. Freaky Kiss .. / by _Steve_
- BritLips - 'Lucky' by [email protected] by bruno
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2 by Hysterical Paroxysm
- KSK V3 ~ TASTY Sugar ~ S0 by knightskykyte
- Nouk - 060607CurlTail - Blonde by Nouk
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2 by HystericalParoxysm
- jeans by migamoo

Additional Credits:
1. The people who helped me in the Creator Feedback Forum 2. Nouk, for being awesome and making a hair I use on every sim
3. Hysterical Paroxysm, for her awesome walls and floors pack (I'm gimp-tarded), her totally awesome pic taking tute, her sim upload guidelines, for making awesome stuff, and for making the sun shine