Larger Households -- up to 50 family members *UPD 04oct2008*

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Uploaded: 28th Sep 2007 at 2:21 AM
Updated: 11th Dec 2009 at 10:52 PM - Sims 3
SIMS 3: After quite the long hiatus, I have returned! Mad thanks to Numenor for putting up the update for all the expansions!! In response to multiple requests I've received for this same mod to be created for Sims 3 -- um, yeah, that's above my pay grade. I tried and tried when it first came out but discovered it can't be done by editing the xml files. And in order to get into and mess with the assemblies, you actually kind of need to be a programmer with programmer's tools, which I am not really. The good news is, others have done it, it just took a while. It's now part of AwesomeMod.

For all those who PM me or Comment on this thread making requests or asking for help for this particular mod in Sims 2... As noted below, Numenor upgraded it to function with all the expansions. Since I never got those expansions, I cannot support his mod. I don't know if Numenor still supports it in Sims 2, but that would be the place to start if you are having technical difficulties.

EDIT by Numenor:
I noticed this mod is not fully compatible with expansions newer than Pets (you may experience "jump bugs" and random errors). Technically speaking, this mod overrides some global BCONs with the old PETS versions, that are missing all the new values introduced with Seasons and newer EPs.
Since the creator (5th LMNt, aka 5th Element) didn't connect to MTS2 for a long time, I thought to personally update this mod.
The new version, compatible with AL, is attached below, with the name "LargerHouseholdsEP8_(Numenor).rar". Remember to REMOVE the old version "LargerHouseholdsEP4.package" from your Downloads before installing the new version. You don't need to get the new version if you don't have any EP newer than Pets.
IMPORTANT: I didn't change anything in the way this mod works; I only made it compatible with AL. Therefore, any limitations and incompatibilities with other mods that affected the old version will affect the new one.

(Original post by 5th LMNt)

First off, this mod is NOT as ambitious as jordi's unlimited family members mod. But since that one is down and everything else I've found that's compatible with my EP's apparently limits the numbers to 12, I figured I'd create my own. Jordi must be editing the BHAV's to get unlimited -- mine only edits the BCON's.

It's set to allow up to 30 sims and up to 20 pets.

Expansion Compatibility: EDIT: LargerHouseholdsEP4 will work if you have all expansions up through Pets. Thanks to Numenor, LargerHouseholdsEP8 will work if you have all expansions up through Apartment Life.

Mod Compatibility: Definitely works with "Triplets & Quads.package" "zTwojeffs_Preg For All Genders.package" and my "RandomLitters2-5EP4.package" (I may upload this one later). These are the only other mods I have that deal with pregnancy and such, although I have many more mods and haven't had any conflicts. As far as the coding goes, though, there shouldn't be any problems with what I've seen out there, as it only modifies the BCON's. *no BHAV's were harmed in the making of this mod* =)

This mod works for getting pregnant, adopting, asking someone to move in, pets getting pregnant, etc. It does not allow you to create more than 8 household members in CAS, as that's a whole separate thing. Since it alters the behavior constants that are called by the Lot -- Full of Sims? function, it should work for everything in every context. As noted by jordi here, you may want to change your userstartup.cheat file for merging families from the neighborhood screen.

Additional Credits:
I used SimPE to look through Maxis files and edit the BCONs.
And thanks go to Doc Doofus and Squinge who had the first mods like this that I used. From that point on, I could never go back to only allowing 8 sims on a lot, even to the extreme of not installing OFB until somebody made one compatible.