Sims wash on all sinks - Global Hack for all versions

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Uploaded 1st Oct 2007 at 7:52 PM · Updated 1st Oct 2007 at 11:18 PM by smithycpl

It has been ages since i uploaded here, but i will be uploading many things that i made in the last weeks!
I will also upload the best items i made in the past year!

Are you fed up that your sims only wash them selfs in bathtubs or showers and not on the maxis sinks?
Then this hack will make up for it!
Your sims will sponge bath them selfs with this hack!
Not only will they do this autonomous but you can also select it yourself anytime you want on all the maxis sinks.
They will wash them selfs in about the same speed as the showers do!
And on top of that they will not stop halfway but will clean them selfs fully before they quit.

This is a global hack and will override the maxis sinks!
Still the sinks can be used for all other means like before.
Visitors will not be able to wash them selfs on this sink.

I tested this hack for many hours and i'm proud to say that it's stable and working on all the lots for it's purpose as it should be.
Also i tested it for compatibility with other hacks that i have, and found no conflicts.
Of course, i don't posses every hack ever made, so if you have a problem with it, please let me know with what hack and what exactly the problem is, and i will be very happy to fix it!

Installation and what version needed:
Just extract the rar-file and put it's content in your downloads folder.

Remove the "Spongebath Global Hack.package" file from your downloads folder!

Works for all game versions
Rebecah, just tested this hack in a base game setting, and it appears to also work with the base game version!
A huge thank you for testing and helping me improving this hack Rebecah!

Features in short:
- Sponge bath menu now available on all maxis sinks
- Sim washes slightly faster as showering
- Sim washes until hygiene mood bar is completely full

All comments welcome!

Have fun!

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