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50 th Upload Anniversary - 10 Privacy Fences W/ Matching Gates

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2007 at 6:40 PM
Updated: 30th Oct 2007 at 12:51 PM by tigdadx4
50 th Upload Anniversary

OK ,

This has been a project I have been working on forever (Just ask the fellow modders in #create) ... It is FINALLY done !!!!!!

This is my 50th upload and what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a superset of 10 privacy fences and matching gates !!!!!!

Most of these fences were made from pictures found on google of various fence companies and loved the designs so I made them ...These were all scratch built by MOI ! All textures were gathered from various places and pieced together by none other than MOI !

There are a total of 10 fences and 10 matching gates ...Most of the fences look good if you place 2 tiles of fence then stop for a post ..some of them will look ok if you go every 3 or 4 tiles depending on your preference but they all look good using 2 two tiles ....

Here are some screen shots of the first 4 fences with the gates in place ...More pictures of the remaining fences can be seen below ....

This Fence here is the exception to the 2 tile rule , in that , you MUST start the fence by placing 1 tile of fencing to the right/left depending on where you start it , then you MUST place the adjacent fence from the opposite direction IE if you started placing the fence from the right then your second fence piece must be placed from the left , then just keep repeating the process ...I know this one seems like a lot of work especially if you have a huge lot but the end result will be an amazing looking fence ...

Fence and gate #5 - I know this isnt a "Privacy" type fence but I just had to make a fence that Wes_h would appreciate ...He is such a master in everything he does and this fence is dedicated to him and EVERYTHING he does for this community !!!!!!!!

Fence #10 isn't the best .. I alphaed in the lattice work and it didnt turn out as good as I hoped ..It is hard as heck making it line up correctly ....

************ NEW *************
I made a Half Sized version of these exact fences and they can be found HERE ! for those of you who would like a little smaller fence but like the designs .....

Any questions or comments or critizism whatever are always appreciated...If something I make stinks I can handle the truth , and if you like or love my stuff PLEASE show your appreciation by hitting the thanks button or leaving a comment ...

As with any custom fence AT LEAST 1 EP is REQUIRED in order for these to work ...It does not matter which EP you have or combo of EP's you just need 1

ALL the gates are numbered in the main picture to coincide with the numbering of them in the file names so if there is one or more particular fence(s) you want and don't want the rest then just keep the ones you want and delete the ones you do not want !!!!!!

Please do nothing with these EXCEPT use them for your own purposes...Do not dismantle them or recolor them and claim them as your own ..This has been the longest project I ever did , even took longer than my gutters and utility poles ....You CAN however upload these with your house uploads as long as a link to this thread and credit to me is given for making them ....Do not put these on any pay sites or the rath of the Spongedad will cometh upon you !!!!!!! IF you do upload houses using my fences please PM a link to the thread so i can see what you have created..

Please enjoy my latest creation and be on the lookout for more stuff from me as it is getting colder and I dont like going outside when its cold LOL ......

Polygon Counts:
Fence and gate # 1 - Faces =/> 388 Verts =/> 658
Fence and gate # 2 - Faces =/> 668 Verts =/> 1468
Fence and gate # 3 - Faces =/> 264 Verts =/> 207
Fence and gate # 4 - Faces =/> 324 Verts =/> 431
Fence and gate # 5 - Faces =/> 864 Verts =/> 1136
Fence and gate # 6 - Faces =/> 396 Verts =/> 563
Fence and gate # 7 - Faces =/> 300 Verts =/> 600
Fence and gate # 8 - Faces =/> 232 Verts =/> 298
Fence and gate # 9 - Faces =/> 272 Verts =/> 509
Fence and gate # 10 - Faces =/> 184 Verts =/> 257

Additional Credits:
MTS2 and everyone there !!!!!

HP - Nipples!
Delphy - Okay you win!! {edited by none other than Big D himself}

Them two know what im talking about

And my daughter for letting me get MY computer every once in a while to make stuff for the sims !