Sci-Fi Style Formal Wear Set For Female Adult

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2007 at 10:44 AM
Updated: 31st Aug 2009 at 8:03 AM
Considering the reaction i got for my Sci-fi Style Casual set i decided to do a matching formal version, so that your Padmé sims can keep their wardrobes
You might ask 'Why these outfits are considered sci-fi?', well, it's just me being a bit obsessed with unused Star Wars concept art and that's where i got the ideas (sort of). I'm also including the hair recolors you see on the pics separately, they are supposed to match the outfits

The Black Gown:

This outfit has a layered silk underdress with embroidery on the chest, complimented with a black shawl and draperie over the hips.It comes with a dreadlock-like hairstyle with a lace veil.

mesh by Brasstex, get it here
hair mesh by XMSims, get it here

The Purple Gown:

This gown has a dark purple skirt with a long, lace sleeved purple top with sequins. The brocade-like, short sleeved coat is worn on top of it. It comes with a matching lekku recolor featuring a leather & lace wrap (leather is from SW:Jedi Academy, i used it as a guide to do the lekku recolor ).

mesh by CryingCorvus (page 8, satin & beads), get it here
lekku mesh by Darth_Fubar(thick lekku behind back), get it here

The Green Gown:

This gown has a shiny taffeta underskirt with a ribbed turtleneck longsleeved top. The beaded and embroidered green coat is worn above it. It comes with an equally embroidered headdress.

mesh by Shannara (bride/2005/second from left), get it here
headpiece mesh by Beosboxboy, get it here

The Yellow Gown:

This outfit consists of a yellow skirt and a matching top with leather gauntlets. A feather shawl is worn over the shoulders and a lace draperie is worn over the skirt with an elaborate belt. It comes with a matching hairstyle decorated with feathers & lace.

mesh by Sussi(page 8, lavender dotted dress), get it here
hair mesh by XMSims, get it here

I hope you will find these outfits useful and please do leave a comment if you like them