NFL Cheerleader Career... Please Test

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Uploaded 14th Oct 2007 at 12:16 AM · Updated 15th Oct 2007 at 6:12 PM by jacciinatl

Hi All,

I requested this career and then I decided to try to do it for myself. This is my first career so if you find mistakes please let me know. There was a problem during testing on level nine with the sim getting 7.5 million dollars but I think I fixed it. I couldn't get it to repeat. Also remember to back up your neighbirhood before you test this.

Background info:

Basically I downloaded the NFL career from MTS2 I think and I thought it'd be great to have the cheerleader career to match. Plus we have so many cheerleader type body shapes.


Is EP ready
Doesn't overwrite any EAxis careers
Uses Punching Bag as reward object.
Skills needed body and charisma
Friends 12
Chance cards completed
Unique Guid
At present it's Adult only
Unique Icon

There isn't a uniform, so your sim will where what ever their everyday is. I may create some outfits to match but I won't build them in as I generally use the RIO B/S. And everyone might not want that.

1. Aerobics Class Student --200
2. Aerobics Class Teacher -- 400
3. Dance Team Hopeful -- 800
4. Amateur Dance Team, Member -- 900
5. Amateur Dance Team, Top Spot -- 1500
6. Cheerleading Tryout -- 1500
7. Cheerleader for Weekend Softball Team -- 1750
8. Cheerleader for Minor League -- 2100
9. backup Cheerleader for NFL Team -- 2500
10. Top Spot Cheerleader for NFL Team -- 3500

Workdays vary

Each position is as it says first Aerobics class student and ending with NFL Cheer leader top spot

Lastly I'd like to thank MTS2 for having the tuts and SimPe/Bidou for the career editor. And Superfly and Poojkins tuts were invaluable in making this.