~H&M AF Recolors~ (Updated--Please Redownload)

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2007 at 9:58 AM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2017 at 9:35 PM - needed updating
edit: The wrong file was packaged up as the denim one--I have fixed it now so please redownload. Sorry!

Well I noticed on a few forums that people have been looking for h&m recolors. I made these for a project last month (which you can read about in my journal :p) and thought that since the project is over with, I should upload them here.

Yes they are all sort of pinkish, but other recolors are available elsewhere (here at MTS and at my site).

These were my first real photoshop experiment and I think they turned out pretty well.


Additional Credits:
Tyler -- thank you for trying to teach me photoshop
Dour -- thank you for trying to teach me photoshop, and for being so awesome :D
HP -- if i remember correctly, you gave me feedback on at least one of these outfits back when I was working on them, so thank you!
MTS2 -- thanks for the tutorials
and thank you to all the people that download, comment, and thank my creations!