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The Feminine Style-Part 1- Wild'n'Chick collection

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Uploaded: 23rd Oct 2007 at 8:19 PM
Updated: 25th Oct 2007 at 6:03 PM


I‘ve created new, chic clothes collection named Wild’n’Chick. You can say "but Wild’n’Chick is nonesence" and I can answer "yes it’s true, but I like this name." I know that it should be "Wild and Chic" but this is more interesting I think, so pls respect my playing with words.
e.g. chick is very cute and nice animal and wild is real contrast for it.


All of clothes what I’ve used is made by Orsay company, which is my fave. Hope that’s not publicity. I had this thought before H&M Stuff so I was really surprised about this pack. This is first part of collections called The Feminine Style. I plan three or four-I’m not sure yet.
This collection is something for energetic young ladies with their own meaning of elegance. Red color is there used as classical symbol of passion and sexy persons. White is important contrast what means innocence and all good things what you know about. Other colors are only some accessories or connecting materials without any special meaning. I Think that it’s only for confident and charismatic business women. But it’s your choice who will wear it, so I stop speaking or writing about this.


I think that they’re typical but I’ll remind them.

Do not upload my work on any of the websites without my permission

Do not pretend that it’s you creation cause I had really a lot of work with all
of these clothes

If you use my products please give link to my profile at MTS2, when you’re
publishing it, give link by PM to me cause I want to see it

You can use my creations for anything you want-sims, videos, also anything
but respect my rules please

All meshes what could be include are in pack


There are two "special" meshes.

1st is mesh by Peggy-
cause Peggy don’t want to upload her meshes with anything, low there’s link to this mesh. You have to download it (mesh 002) because without this mesh Little Party Girl outfit will not work.

2nd is mesh by S2S- it’s really very old mesh. It had been created before they came to The Sims Resource. It’s not possible to download it now, so I only gave link to their profile on TSR. It’s used in Pussy Cat outfit.


Raonjena-for nice free hair
XMsims- of course for hair too
Creachebaby at SimChic for her pencil mesh, LatinWind's and Summer Passion's mesh
ParsimoniousSims I have used their mesh for Ghotic Opium
Liana so nice mesh used in Hollywood star
Peggy great alpha-edital mesh
Sims2Sisters their profile at TSR, thanks for lovely old mesh (Pussy Cat)

I Hope that I’ve written all what is important. So forgive me if not.

Bye, and enjoy my Wild’n’Chick collection!