2 newspaper delivery hacks *No more & Realism*

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2007 at 12:31 AM
Updated: 27th Oct 2007 at 2:54 PM - added cheaper version
2 new useful hacks for the newspaper delivery.

The no more newspapers "No Newspaper Delivery Globalcpl.rar" will stop delivery from newspapers entirely.
This means once you place this package file in your downloads folder there will be no more newspapers anymore.

The Realism delivery "Realistic Newspaper Delivery Globalcpl.rar" gives you a little more realistic newspaper delivery.
Every time the newspaper boy delivers a new paper your family will have to pay §6 from their funds .
For those who like a little more realism in their game this might help you somewhat.
Edit: By request i added a §2 version "Realistic cheaper Newspaper Delivery Globalcpl.rar".
Both have the same filename, do not alter this name to use them both, they will cause errors otherwise!

Either use one of them, don't use them together!!!
The "no more" and "realistic" will not cause errors together in your downloads folder but the newspaper delivery will just stop showing up, so the realism hack would become unneeded!

These are global hacks and override (not overwrite) the maxis settings!

They should work with all game configurations.

To install:
Place either one of them (not both!!!) in your downloads folder.

To uninstall:
Just remove the file from your downloads folder and the newspaper delivery works again like before.

Both are tested and are compatible with my other hacks!
However if you have problems with this hack, leave a post about what the problem was and i will try to fix it asap!
This hack might not work correct if you have other hacks involving the newspaper delivery!

As always all comments welcome!
Have fun!

Additional Credits:
Rebecah for testing them in her game!