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Halloween Gift: TIYANAK!!!

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2007 at 1:53 PM
Updated: 16th Oct 2008 at 3:36 PM by big_al405
Okay, I've been offline for a week now, it's not halloween anymore, so, just consider him a regular upload. :P

+The Story+
For this halloween, I proudly present to you a creature out of Filipino folklore. This is a tiyanak, generally a creature which is often found in the forest, taking the form of a helpless, crying baby... that is, until, someone picks it up. It will then return to its true form, a vile and creepy bloodthirsty vampire that will soon devour its prey (that's you! :D)...

In one Filipino movie on which I based this Sim ("Impakto", 1995, Regal Films, though the movie version was much creepier looking...), reminiscent of the American movie "It's Alive", tiyanaks are referred to as misunderstood angels, and an abortioned fetus came crawling into an old woman's womb, and as soon as it was born, began its revenge on the people responsible for its abortion. The baby turns into the evil creature during nighttime, and killed the people around him... It's a nice movie, quite disturbing, which led me to make this baby for you!
(Don't worry, he makes a good son, too.:D)And you must admit, he is kinda cute...

Custom contents are all made by me. It's packaged with default Maxis skintone and hair. A nice skintone to match the face is Enayla's Golden skintone. The face is a whole face mask, the body is just clothing and the eyes are made by me too. He's well-detailed, with some veins running around his body. Eyes are yellowish, with a nice cat-style pupil. The body skin itself is part of the clothing. It's enabled for all clothing categories except for formal wear. That means, if you give him a bath, his real skintone will show.

Adult Form(Completely needed, but i posted it against my own will..):

My Rules:
*You MAY use him in movies, stories, screenshots, etc. But please give me credits. And if possible, give me a link to your work.
*You may NOT modify or redistribute him in parts OR in whole (ESPECIALLY TO THE EXCHANGE!!). If you want your friend to have him, tell your friend to download the Sim here!
*I am not responsible for any mistakes you make that may corrupt your computer. :P
*Don't ask any "How do I install him?" questions here. Look for the threads that may help you.
*I do not take requests. Sorry.

*Proudly PINOY!!*:D

Custom Content by Me:
- Tiyanak Sim
- Tiyanak Eyes by Big [email protected]
- Tiyanak's Face by Big [email protected]
- Tiyanak Body by Big [email protected]

Additional Credits:
To all of you for the inspiration!!! *Cries**Throws petals around*