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Singapore views towels for SimSister85

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 31st Oct 2007 at 4:53 AM
Updated: 15th Aug 2009 at 10:25 AM - Remove old links that have been closed!
Somethings to cheer up SimSister85.

I have used new GUIDS to make the items $0 value.

All zip or rar included for one time downloading included templates & readme.

Readme is included.

Templates is included.

Please feel free to recolors but don't upload to exchange or other sites to

claim as your own.

It took me a lot of efforts to make it. Remember to give me credit.

Please feel free to leave your comments here. All suggestions & options are welcome. I'm still learning & hope that I can do better next times.

Please post back If you're having problem.

Enjoy & have fun!
ding140674 aka dinglouisa

Additional Credits:
Recolors using Wizards of SimPE. CEP is needed.