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DEFAULTS - Realistic Eyecolors set 0024-33 by MySimulation

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Uploaded 2nd Nov 2007 at 2:32 AM

Yeah, I'm still making them, I still have no life There was a request for MySimulation's Realistic Eyecolors set 0024-33.

This time I made a lot of shades into defaults, for you to have more options This means, you'll pick one brown, one light blue, one dark blue, one green and one gray color. Please, please don't download two versions of one color, your game would probably explode.

Anyway, here are the shades:

Pick a green, a brown and a dark blue, gray and light blue has only one shade for each anyway :P

Credit goes to MySimulation for the pretty eyes

I'm still taking requests, but it can take a longer time to upload them, I'm so busy with school these days. Pm me or comment with a link of the eye set.

Additional Credits: SimPE

Tags: #mysimulation, #default eyes, #defaults