Fancier Than Thou Wall Series

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Uploaded 4th Nov 2007 at 4:34 PM

So, I finally got around to the "correct" order of things, since I had never made any wallcolors before. XD

Price: $7
Name: Fancier Than Thou Wall Series
Catagory: Wallpaper
No. of Wallcolors: 3

I hope you like. ^_^ You are free to upload this with any lots you like, no credit required. However you may not upload lots with these walls on paysites or as a donation gift. However if you want to redistribute the wall set on it's own or any of the walls in it, link to here, otherwise I'll get inaccurate data. It's not required, but please, if you upload this with any lot, let me know.

Additional Credits:
The Inspiration Gallery (
HP ^_^

Tags: #wallpaper, #walls, #fancy, #border, #marble