Harry Potter Collection: Godric's Hollow

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MAGIC: Harry Potter Collection of Lots!

This set includes both residential and commercial lots. There are a total of 25 download pages (with 34 individual files to download) in this collection.

See my Journal for details and changes about the Harry Potter Collection:
Steph's Journal - http://www.modthesims2.com/member/j...owjournal&j=570


Harry Potter Collection: Godric's Hollow

Note: The Christmas decor used in the pictures comes from the Christmas Stuff Pack. Since I removed the Stuff Packs, they are no longer a part of the decorated Godric's Hollow.

This has to be my FAVORITE lot of the Harry Potter Collection so far. The details are amazing! (Don't worry, NO SPOILERS here!) Beginning with the Town Square and it's Obelisk Monument, on to the Kissing Gate entrance to the graveyard behind the church and ending with the Potter Cottage where it all began for Harry Potter. Harry Potter Story Makers and fans will have a BLAST strolling through Godric's Hollow! I promise! YOU MUST SEE this lot in the game to believe it! Totally WICKED!

Godric's Hollow
Lot Data
COMMERCIAL LOT / §0 / 5 x 5 Lot / Partially Furnished / 2 Stories (Highest Level)

A Town Square with War Memorial Obelisk in the Center
The Obelisk contains a list of Godric Hollow heroes for Muggles and an image of the Potter family etched in stone for Witches and Wizards. I included both walls so you can change them as needed or leave as it is!

Church with a Massive Graveyard (Minimally Decorated)
I REALLY used the books to try to get the details of the graveyard correct from the Kissing Gate entrance to the location of the Dumbledore and Potter graves. I didn't decorate the insides too much as I personally will be using objects I didn't get from free sites for this church. I will leave it to your decorating expertise.

A Public House /Pub (Decorated)
Bar Downstairs, His/Her Restrooms, Beds Upstairs (Sleeps 4), Upstairs Showers (4)

A Book Cafe / Book store, Computer Cafe, Restaurant (Decorated)
Downstairs: Computers, Books for Sale
Upstairs: Restaurant

Haberdashery / Clothes Store(Decorated)
Downstairs: Ladies and Gentlesmens Clothing Store
Upstairs: Restrooms

Grocers (Decorated)
Small community grocery store

Post Office (Not Decorated)
I leave this to you. I was going to use my owl wallpaper for the upstairs (for the Magical Folk) and make the downstairs a standard Post Office (for the Muggles who visit Godric's Hollow). Hope this helps a little!

Pond Area
A small pond behind the stores, cottages and Bathilda Bagshot's home.

6 Cottages
There are 6 Cottages. Three are at one end of Godric's Hollow and 3 are on the other end past the church. Bathilda Bagshot's Cottage is somewhat isolated. It is the grey stone building with red window shutters. The cottage at the end of the lot (with the crumbled roof courtesy of Lord Voldemort) represents the Potter Cottage. The Potter Cottage has a memorial sign for the Potters. The cottages are not decorated (with the exception of the dilapidated Potter Cottage). I could not decide if I wanted them to be purely decorative, serve as small businesses or actually simply be small homes, so...YOU decide!


I owe the deepest of gratitude to all the extraordinary artists whose objects helped to bring my vision of Harry Potter's Magical World to life! Thank you for sharing your time and talent with the Sim community. Thank you to the following artists for helping to bring a little "magic" to the Sim World: Ailias, bootsbrisket, Cazkiwi, fireflies and lara9taylor. Be sure to browse the links at the end of the post for other fabulous downloads by each artist!

Although the following item is NOT included in the download, I thought it would add a little authenticity to this lot:
Maylin's Telephone Booth Cover
For this lot, I created a few red walls to represent the London Phone Box (an idea first executed by cyclonesue). They are purely decorative as house phones do not work in community lots. However, there is a totally wonderful London Style Community Phone Booth cover created by Maylin that can be used to replace my booths in this lot if you so wish. The booth cover can be downloaded here:

All stephanie b. walls, floors and ground covers included in houses downloaded from MTS2 can be used in lot creations on any free or pay site as long as I receive credit for the textures. Please do not post my textures (walls, floors or groundcovers) or lots on other sites without my permission or reupload them as your own by giving them color face-lifts without giving me credit for the original design. Thank you!

These lots are creations from my imagination based mainly on excerpts from the books and on-line information. I am basing very little on the movie versions of each place, so don't expect exact replica's of movie versions of the various places in the Magic and Muggle World.

My vision for this neighborhood is that the students do not "live" in Hogwarts. I see the school as home to only a few teachers (Dumbledore, McGonagall, Trelawney). Everyone else is spread out in either their family homes or in the Summer Houses.

I used the floorplans found on the Harry Potter Lexicon site as inspiration. For extensive Potter INFORMATION, checkout the HP Lexicon here: www.hp-lexicon.org

Be sure to download the entire Harry Potter Collection of lots here at Mod the Sims 2 (as they appear):

Enjoy the community lot!
Stephanie 2U


Lot Size: 5 x 5
Lot Price: §0 (Commercial Lot)

Custom Content by Me:
- Snowy Brick Floor 1 and 2
- Snow Blue Bumpy Floor 5 x 5
- Natural Snow Floor 2 x 2 and 5 x 5
- Dark Oak Wood Floor
- Normal Oak Wood Floor
- Seamless Black Granite Floor
- Seamless Grey Granite Floor
- Grey Granite Headstone DD1 and 2 Walls
- Hogwarts Floor 1
- Harry Potter Brick Floor 3
- Inspired Floor 10
- White Marble Headstone 1 and 2 Walls
- White Marble Lichen Ice A and B Walls
- Crushed Ice Terrain
- Big Bumpy Terrain
- Disturbed Snow Terrain
- Grassy Snow Terrain
- Moss Brick Terrain
- Lichen 2 and 3 Walls
- Snowy Building Wall 1
- Black Granite Wall
- Black Granite Wall Potter 1 and 2
- Desperate Housewives: Young 2 - 4 Walls
- Grey Granite Wall
- Granite Headstone DD 1 and 2 Floors
- Harry Potter Brick 6 Wall
- Harry Potter Brick 8 Wall
- Harry Potter Brick 12 Wall
- Harry Potter Brick 17 Wall
- Harry Potter Brick 17 Leaky Cauldron A Wall
- Harry Potter Brick 17 Leaky Cauldron B Wall
- Purge and Dowse Wall
- Hogwarts Wall 3
- Godric Hollow Walls 1-3 - Post Office
- Godric's Hollow Walls 4 and 5 - Pub
- Godric's Hollow Walls 6 and 7 - Book Cafe
- Godric's Hollow Walls 7 and 8 - Clothes Store
- Godric's Hollow Walls 10 and 11 - Grocers
- London Phone Booth 6 (Alternative)
- London Booth Walls 2
- London Booth Walls 4
- Alternative Color Phone Booth
- Blue and White Ornate (Malfoy Manor)
- Green Floral Wall (Malfoy Manor)
- Godric's Hollow Obelisk Walls 1 - 4
- Godric's Hollow Walls - Potter Ruins 1 - 4
- Snowy Building Walls 2 - 5
- Vibrant Texture 3
- Weasley Wall 6A
- White Marble Floor
- White Marble Walls Headstone 1 - 4

Custom Content Included:
- Red Edge Smoother by By Ailias
- Bootsbrisket's Gravestones by bootsbrisket
- Long and Short Grass with Mesh (Light & Dark Green) by Cazkiwi
- Snow Covered Bougainvillea and Hibiscus by fireflies
- Church Cross (White Mesh & Black Recolor ) by lara9taylor