*UPDATE* Realistic Hand-drawn High-Resolution Eyes & Defaults

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Uploaded 6th Nov 2007 at 10:08 PM · Updated 21st Feb 2008 at 3:04 AM by simrenity

UPDATE: There was a mistake where the aqua iris was about 1 pixel too far to the left. Also, the shadow at the top of the green eye was too light. Minor as they are, I've fixed both of these errors.

These eyes were drawn by hand using IcedMango/LaPink's amazing ScleraMaskII. They are done in 1024x1024 thanks to Nanduaka's instructions.

There are 6 regular colors and 2 really saturated, bright colors.

There is no light blue because I personally use violet for my light blue default instead, but you could easily use the hazel as well.

Here's how they look in the game.

Hope you like them.

*Update* Since I made these into defaults for my personal use, I thought I'd share them as well.

There are two sets. Please only download one.

The hazel set has hazel in place of light blue. And the violet set has violet in place of light blue. I thought about using aqua as well, but it's more of a fantasy color than a natural color.

If you want to make your own defaults, you'll have to right-click and Build DXT in SimPE and if you don't know what I'm saying, then never mind. A simpler version would be opening up one of my defaults in SimPE and importing the .png of another color you like.

Please don't claim as your own.
Don't upload, alone or with a sim, to any paysites.

Additional Credits:
I've been replying via PMs, but I figure it would just be faster to list my models' credits here.

Skintones are from Jirka @ TSR (Jennifer Lopez sim) and Buffybot.
Hairstyles are by Peggysims2 and Xmsims with the blue and pink recolors by me for my personal use.
Eyeshadows are from Elmazzz @ TSR, Helaene, and Ephemera.
Lashes by Icedmango and Barcelonista.
Lips are Bruno's and Vivi_nousi's gloss mask - both found on MTS2.
Blushes by Sussi @ MTS2, Lyran, and Barcelonista.
Brows by Helaene and Anva. Jirka's skintone comes with brows.

I think that's it and thank you for all your comments and support.

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