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Bethesda Residences - The Vista

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Uploaded 12th Nov 2007 at 3:27 AM

From the man who brought you the The Twikki Temple Hotel

Stuck in a cookie cutter suburb? Wish you had a second floor that was actually higher than your neighbors? Does the husband want a craft space in the basement? Does your garage stick out like a sore thumb on your property? Do you want a better place to live?

Enter The Vista. The brainchild design of the Bethesda Residences Project, This home gives sweeping views of everything around it, no matter where its built. Space is no longer a commodity as wide hallways, comfortably large rooms, and a sizeable basement provide all the room you need. Not just a large residence, this house boasts a design plan based on a hillside, with an almost commanding presence in your neighborhood. Remember that ugly garage? No more! New designs allow for such facilities in the building's foundation, leaving you with a solid, sturdy, and ego-inflating home.

The Vista Includes:
2 Regular Bedrooms
1 Master Bedroom w/accompanying Master Bath
Oversized Family Room
Backyard Patio
Raised Foundation w/ Single Vehicle Garage
Large Unfinished Basement w/ Outdoor Access

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $44,673

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