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Marina Medieval Gothic Fountain Recolors

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2007 at 10:55 PM
As promised, here are eight recolors of the Medieval Gothic Fountain from Marina's Sims. You will need the mesh (link below), and you must have University for fountains to work in your game, as far as I know.

These are done in the same colors as the Medieval Gothic Columns: White, Black, Light Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Light Brown, Brown and Dark Brown, which should give you a nice selection for your castle courtyards.

The fences will take one more day, as I messed up the textures on one of them--sorry! And then I'll do the Medieval Gothic Planters, as requested by amythestfenix.

I hope you enjoy these!

Additional Credits:
To Marina, for creating the fountain and allowing recolors--thanks!

To the makers of SimPE, for making game mods even possible.

And to MTS2, for being a great site full of awesome downloads, excellent gaming and modding help, and providing it all for free.