Cinnamon Grahams - New Cereal by Tomthedude (LINK TO GOLDEN GRAHAMS INSIDE)

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Uploaded 18th Nov 2007 at 4:06 PM

After 2 years of absence. Comes a new cereal from the creator of Golden Grahams , It has to be...


Thats right. After 2 years of nothing, I had to completely relearn SimPE, and as my new release, I had to follow up with the partner of Golden Grahams!

What is in Cinnamon Grahams that wasnt in Golden Grahams?

As you can see in the pie-menu, It says Cinnamon Grahams instead of the default 'Cereal' as before.

The cereal has its own unique Cinnamon Graham Texture.

What will it work with?

As I have every Expansion up to Pets, everthing works as it should. I assume it will work in Seasons and Bon Voyage, but dont trust me on that.

Golden Grahams or Cinnamon Grahams,

Which one is for you?

Thanks, Please download, rate and comment.

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