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Queen of the Fay

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This download is part of the Fairytale Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2007 at 6:31 AM
Updated: 6th Mar 2009 at 11:27 PM
I bid thee good day all ye who seek the realm of the Fay.
i bring you this day one who knows the realm well, for she is one of many queens who rule this fair land who's myth and legend stretch far, and wide through the passage of memory, and time.
she confided in me not long ago, that she is searching for some items that she has misplaced, and has promised to take myself, and any others who can help her find her lost treasures to the very doors of her land.

if you would like to have her as your guide first you must find her lost meshes.
they are as follows...

XM sims hair mesh
skins/hair/female hair/page 3/Sue hair 006 A

Masquerade Mask by Kavar and marvine

Large Alpha wings Accessory Mesh by LordDragonstone

by LianaSims2, accessory mesh 02
accessories/sets/page one/bottom row/Mesh JS1

items i have already given her and are not needed.

by iamliz13, Alpha-Editable Medieval Gown for Adults

by Ren of rensim, Luts lip gloss

me and the Queen would like to thank all of the creators of these beautiful items they are all wonderfully made and much appreciated

i wish you all luck with the Queen (who's name i must confess she did not tell me) perhaps you shall be the lucky one to whom she chooses to reveal her name, until she dose however she shall remain the Queen of the Fay.

good day to you all

Custom Content by Me:
- shays Queen of the Fay
- shays fay queen eyes
- shays fay queen eyeshadow
- shays eyeliner
- shays fay queen mask
- shays fay queen wings
- shays fay queen sparkle face paint
- shays fay queen necklace
- shays fay queen skin
- shays fay queen hair
- shays fay queen hair
- shays fay queen dress

Custom Content Included:
- Rensim - Luts Inspired Lips - Violet by Ren
- Mesh_Liz13_afmedievalalphadress by iamliz13