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The Little Mermaid - by naceygirl

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This download is part of the Fairytale Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 25th Nov 2007 at 4:05 PM
Updated: 30th Nov 2007 at 6:01 PM

Drown yourself in the tragic tale of The Little Mermaid with these carefully made Sims. Published in 1836, The Little Mermaid is the story of a young mermaid who trades her beautiful voice with the sea witch for a pair of legs so that she may pursue the handsome prince who lives in the castle by the water.

The Little Mermaid: The Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid is carefully textured from head to tail-fin, evoking the beauty of the deep. Custom eyes have been made for her, a combination of photomanipulation and hand-painting that gives it both clarity and deep colour. A special face-mask of glittering scales has been handpainted, carefully detailed in the same style as the eyes and tail. She also has detailed pointed claws, to accentuate her strange half-animal, other-wordly look. Her body is dabbed with scales at her neck, breasts and forearms. The texture on her tail is a combination of source photos of real fish and careful hand-painting to unify and accentuate the colouring. Underneath all this is a pale, hand-painted skin tone based on the original Maxis tones, but with improved facial features. If you play the Little Mermaid in your game and she has children, never fear! The skin tone is present for all age groups and sexes! (As is the hair!)

The Human Girl

The Little Mermaid becomes a sad, silent young woman who is cared for by the handsome prince and dressed beautifully, given all a girl could want except his deep, unending love. With a combination of photomanipulation and hand-painting, the dress is based on fashions of northern Europe in the 1800s, detailed with gold filigree. The make up on the face is by the very best custom creators in the Sims 2 Community, warming her previously cool watery features and capturing her deep sadness. She still retains her stormy sea blue eyes when in human form, which complete her alternate look.

Meshes Needed:

The Little Mermaid needs the following meshes:

- Mermaid Tail by Beosboxboy (available here ) Other sexes and ages are available for potential offspring.
- Long Hair with Braids by Nouk (available here )
- Long Nails by Shadylady482 (available here )

Special thanks to the creators of the custom content I used in these Sims.

Custom Content by Me:
- The Little Mermaid by Naceygirl
- Eyes - Sea After A Storm
- Claw Texture
- Mer Face Makeup
- Mer Skintone
- Mertail skin
- The Little Mermaid
- SeaAfterAStorm by Naceygirl
- Hollywood Blush - Apricot - naceygirl
- HumanMermaid by Naceygirl
- Little Mermaid by Naceygirl

Custom Content Included:
- Eva eyebrows by Helaene
- Eyeliner by Jirka @ Glance
- Luts Inspired Lips - Nude by Rensim
- long hair with little braid by Noukie
- long hair with little braid by Noukie
- helaene - eva brows - black by Helaene
- helaene - lovely lashes (no undereye) by Helaene
- ByBarcelonista by Barcelonista
- Rensim - Luts Inspired Lips - Nude by Rensim
- Nouk - LongHairFemLilBraid - Black by Nouk