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Alice in Wonderland: Caterpillar's Forest

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2007 at 9:36 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2007 at 7:43 PM
Hi all,

here's a decorative set, based on the Caterpillar's forest from Alice in Wonderland.
In case you're wondering why it's all so psychedelic, here's what I worked from.

The set contains six meshes, three mushrooms and three leaves.

Mushrooms come in Red Amanita, Brown Bolete, Leprechaun House, Electric Blue, Lollipop Orange and Psychedelic Purple.
This is a repository set! You need lethes_mesh_alicemushroom.package installed for the others to work properly/

The leaves come in a number of highly unlikely colours and shapes, plus natural colours in several stagess of summer and autumn.

Polygon Counts:
Spade Leaf
- 94

Large Leaf
- 274

Smaller Leaf
- 100

All three Mushrooms
- 304

Custom Content by Me:
- Dead rounded small leaf recolour
- Orange rounded small leaf recolour
- Blue sharp small leaf recolour
- Pink sharp small leaf recolour
- Brown tall leaf recolour
- Pink tall leaf recolour
- Red tall leaf recolour
- Brown oak spade leaf recolour
- Purple tall leaf recolour
- Caterpillar leaf
- Caterpillar even larger leaf
- Caterpillar large leaf
- Red spade leaf recolour
- Brown spade leaf recolour
- Green spade leaf recolour
- Red oak spade leaf recolour
- Brown oak spade leaf recolour
- Green oak spade leaf recolour
- Pink oak spade leaf recolour
- Purple oak spade leaf recolour
- Pink spade leaf recolour
- Dead fern small leaf recolour
- Green fern small leaf recolour
- Blue rounded small leaf recolour
- Leprechaun House mushroom recolour
- Lollipop Orange mushroom recolour
- Psychedelic Purple mushroom recolour
- Taller mushroom
- Tall mushroom
- Smallish mushroom
- Electric Blue mushroom recolour
- Brown Bolete mushroom recolour

I nabbed the little model Alice from fairywasteland in this same contest, because she was too darned cute.