-St. Bestine's Cathedral, Abbey, and Graveyards- 4 Separate Lots, No CC!

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2007 at 11:35 AM
Updated: 8th Jan 2013 at 8:00 PM
She watches over us, protecting our children from peril, she is Our Lady, St. Bestine. Keep to the faith, follow the path. Pray the Lady watches over you always.

I made these lots earlier back in the summer when I wanted a Medieval neighborhood. I've recently been going through my game and deleting things getting ready for a mass re-install. My half finished 'Kingdom of Elsen' was on the chopping block. The castle, royal gardens, and peasant huts were nothing special but I really liked the lots I made for St. Bestine. (I made up the name, she is the Lady in Gray statue.) So in efforts to save my work and because I got a special request from a friend, I finally took pictures and uploaded them. (Also, don't bother asking me to upload anything else from Elsen, I deleted it already.)

There are four separate lots: the Cathedral, the Abbey (residential housing for 5 brothers and sisters of the faith), a cemetery, and a graveyard. Download whichever ones, or all, that you want. None contain any CC (I love Maxis) so don't worry about them junking up your downloads folder.

The Cathedral of St. Bestine, to keep your faith:
The Abbey of St. Bestine, to keep the Brothers and Sisters:
Souls of St. Bestine, to keep the souls of those with money:
Graves of St. Bestine, to keep the souls of those without.


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Lot Size: Cathedral 5x4, Abbey 3x3, Souls 5x2, Graves 2x2
Lot Price: Abbey ~$42,000

Additional Credits:
To the late King and Queen of the Kingdom of Elsen, may your fairytale live on in the games of others.