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Maid replacements - maids use BV housekeeper uniform *UPDATED for male maids*

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2007 at 11:32 AM
Updated: 10th Dec 2007 at 9:48 PM
Ever wondered why your maid looks as if she comes from a playboy photoshoot?
Now your maid can finally wear a normal uniform, a uniform that is actually practical enough to do some decent cleaning.

With this file your (female) maid will use the housekeeper uniform that came with Bon Voyage. There are 4 different colors but you have to CHOOSE ONLY ONE of them. Place that file in your download directory and all your female maids will wear this uniform, both existing and new maids. (This changes only the way your maid will look, she will still be the same sim). To uninstall, simply delete this file from your download directory. All maids will look normal again. Never delete this file from within the game (you can make them visible in CAS with the boolprop cheat, just like any other NPC oufit. But if you use the trashcan icon in the game to delete this file your game could be corrupted)

compatibility: this mod IS NOT compatible with other mods that alter the maid uniform, including mods that make the maid uniform visible. This mod IS compatible with any existing recolors of the regular maidoutfit that you have in your game.
Because the maid uses a Bon Voyage uniform, the BV expansion pack is required.

Because several of you asked for a male version, i made that as well. I used the male housekeeper outfit. This time there is only one file. This replaces all 3 outfits as you can see in the picture.