Teen Style Stuff Computer and Stereo Fix - BV functions enabled (Updated 2009/02/03) Fixed pie menu translations

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2007 at 1:22 PM
Updated: 18th Nov 2011 at 8:37 AM - Updated to v1.01

2009-02-03: Updated to v1.01. Fixed pie menu translations in some languages.

This fix is for Pre-FT games only. It's obsolete in FreeTime or later EPs.

If your latest EP is FreeTime, get Teen Style Stuff Objects Fix for FreeTime instead.

If you have either AL or M&G, get Stuff Pack Objects Fix Collection for Apartment Life instead.


Despite the fact that Teen Style Stuff was released 2 full months after Bon Voyage, EAxis didn't bother with adding new BV functions to Teen computer and stereo. You can't book vacations, purchase vacation home, order photos on the Teen Computer. You can't use Teen Boombox to do hula/slap dancing. You can't place Teen Computer on OFB shelves, even though OFB was released 1 and half years ago.

This mod restores full BV functionality for Teen Style Stuff computer and stereo.
(Note that this mod cannot give BV functions to pre-BV players.)
  • Teen computer and stereo have full BV functionality. (e.g. Book Vacation, Hula & Slap Dancing)
  • Teen computer can be properly placed on OFB shelves.
  • Fixed pie menu texts of Teen computer in some languages to remove redundant menus.
    (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean & Brazilian Portuguese)

There are two versions of this fix. Only choose ONE of them, depending on your latest EP.
  • zLdDarcy_SP6TSSObjectsFix_BV.package (BV)
    Contains both BV fix (for computer and boombox) and OFB shelf and pie menu fix (for computer).

  • zLdDarcy_SP6TSSObjectsFix_OFB.package (Pre-BV)
    Contains only OFB shelf and pie menu fix for Teen computer. Use it only when you have OFB, AND your latest EP is Seasons or earlier.


File names were changed in v1.01. Remove these files from your StuffPack\Objects folder.



If you put this fix in Downloads folder, Teen computer will bear annoying CC asterisk.
To avoid asterisk in thumbnail picture, put the fix in the following location.

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff\TSData\Res\StuffPack\Objects
(or the corresponding folder on your system if your game isn't installed in C:\Program Files)

Do NOT remove z- prefix in the filename. It is for ensuring that this fix is loaded after SP objects, overriding original resources.


v1.0: Initial release. (2007/12/10)
v1.01: Fixed pie menu translations in some languages. (2009/02/03)

Additional Credits:

dizzy, J.M.Pescado
Everyone who contributed to the development of SimPE